blog entry #1 week 3


#1 blog entry: Digital Security


How digitally secure are we? Do we post things on Facebook, instagram and twitter without thinking about who will actually see them? Do we really have control over who can and who cannot access the information we post? As soon as we post something on social media that is it. It is out there for the world to see.

Let’s take cyber bullying for example. Bullying used to occur in the playground. Now because of social media it has gone beyond that, it occurs on the Internet. How much control do parents have over their children who have unlimited access to the Internet?


My personal view when it comes to the internet and social media is children should be able to access the internet when they need it as a research or learning tool for school, homework and assignments but when it comes to the social media side of it I believe there should be an age limit like there is when it comes to drinking and driving. Children as young as 13 have at least one profile on social media. Being so young and not completely understanding the use of social media and the risks involved, puts them in a dangerous situation of being victims of cyber bullying. No parent wants his or her child to be in this situation. You be the judge.

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