blog entry #2 week 4


#2 blog entry: Participation and the Digital Divide


This is the gap between people who have access to the digital world and those who do not, causing the digital divide. You may think why this occurs, is it because people who live in poorer countries cannot afford it? To your surprise and mine it happens all over the world even in Australia.

When I was going through schooling I was on the side of the digital divide of not having access to digital technology in my home. No computer, just books and encyclopedias. I was part of the digital divide of “missing out.” Back then it was ok to not have access to technology because it was not a big thing, you weren’t missing out on much.

That was over 7 years ago. If I was to go through school (primary and secondary) now, I believe if you are unfortunate enough not to have access to digital technology then it is a huge disadvantage because everything now is digitally based. Textbooks are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

The one laptop for every child program founded by Nicholas Negroponte MIT Boston and the Bill Gates Foundation are both fantastic programs for children not to miss out and encourage all students to be involved. This way they are on the side of the digital divide of not missing out and being able to participate in the digital world.

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