blog entry #3 week 5


#3 blog entry: digital information


The amount of digital information available to us is endless. As I learned by watching the lecture video from topic 5. 90% of information is digital whilst only 10% is from newspapers, magazines. Messages via digital may have many different interpretations where as a message on paper may only have one.


One site we were asked to explore was Pinterest. Our task for the week was to create a pinterest board surrounding digital technology.

Below is the link to the one I created

I had heard of it before however, I had no idea what it was all about. How it worked, what the point of it was and how it was used. Being asked to create a site under a particular topic was interesting. It opened my mind up and introduced me to another side of digital information. I really enjoyed pinning and also seeing what everyone else created was interesting. Everyone has their own interpretation of it so it was exciting to see how they see it. Out of the sites we have been introduced to so far, Pinterest is my favourite one. It is fun and exciting. I believe it is not a security risk like Facebook and twitter are, all you are doing is pinning things that interest you and you can create different pages to show your interests. There is a fun side to digital technology that is not as public as others. I believe Pinterest is the way to go if you do not want people knowing everything about you, all they know is what interests you from what you pin to your board.

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