blog entry #4 week 6


#4 blog entry: digital fluency


How digitally fluent are you? Me personally I do not think I am very digitally fluent. Yes I can use certain things like the internet and facebook but I am not fantastic at it. I see myself as a‘digital immigrant” (Howell 2012). I did not grow up with technology at my fingertips. I have only started in the past few years to actually adapt to the technological world.


This weeks task we were asked to familiarize ourselves with the animation program Scratch. I had no idea how to use this program nor have I ever heard of it let alone any other programs which are similar. Playing around with this animation program, I struggled immensely. I was confused, I started to stress out, I even gave up at one point. I eventually went back to it with a clear mind, it started to become a bit clearer and was not as hard as I initially thought. However I created an animation that made no sense at all, cats cannot swim!

Below is a link to my scratch animation.

They do say practice makes perfect. That is the plan so I can become digitally fluent with this program.

Betchablog. (2010) scratch [image]. Retrieved from




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