blog entry #5 week 7


#5 blog entry: Digital Blurring

This week we explored digital blurring. Is what we do in our private lives influencing our public or work lives? For younger learners playing the WII or PlayStation assists them with hand-eye coordination and the development of fine motor skills is faster if they are constantly being challenged (Howell, 2014).


For this weeks task we were asked to create our own online game using Sploder. I found this task extremely difficult to process because I am not a computer genius nor do I play any of these types of games. I spent hours mucking around and trying to figure out how to create one. The end result was not good. The game I finally created after spending so much time on somehow deleted. I have no idea how or why; maybe I clicked on something I do not know. I was not happy, I was angry with the computer and myself. I walked away from it and have not attempted to go back to it and have another go. I know I should never give up but after spending a lot of time on it and this happening I have not been able to attempt it again. I will eventually go back to it but not just yet.

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