blog entry #6 week 8


#6 blog entry: lifelong learning


This week’s topic was lifelong learning. Todays’ learning is not just what happens at school. It is now seen as a broad spectrum, we learn throughout our lives. Digital technology has had a huge impact on our learning. An example of this is if we are unsure about something, the meaning of something, where to find something particular we turn to Google. It is as easy as getting your phone out of your pocket or bag and googling. Simple.

The term “you learn something new everyday” I think is spot on.

The task for this week was to explore what it means to be a global citizen. “It is someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this communities values and practices” (Israel, 2013)

We were asked to choose one of these organisations (The Global Poverty Project, BandAid, The Earth Day Network or The Oceania Project) and prepare a short presentation on it. I chose to do a presentation on BandAid.

Below is the link to my PowerPoint presentation on BandAid.

 BandAid.pptx (505.787 KB)

I chose BandAid because nobody else did. I read everyone else’s and learnt what the other organisations involved so I was curious about BandAid. This orgnisation raises money for anti-poverty efforts in Ethiopia.

LLIP meeting. (2012) lifelong learning [image]. Retrieved from




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