Feedback response


Reflection on feedback

One of our tasks for this assessment was to give feedback to our peers for their blogs. I received feedback from both Emilia Stawski and Mirjana Vrankovic.

Below are the links to my marked rubrics.

Liana Parisotto blog evaluation.docx by Mirjana Vrankovic

Liana Parisotto Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking by Emilia Stawski.docx

I was happy with the feedback I received from Mirjana. It made sense and I agree with it 100%. There is only one thing I disagree with and that was the feedback for the sentences after my pinterest link. To me it sounds fine; it may sound unclear to others. I re read it over and over and could not figure out what Mirjana meant. The changes I made were to the few grammatical errors Mirjana picked up. Simple mistakes in which I didn’t see. I also added images for visual material to back up my work.

The feedback I received from Emilia was unexpected. I was really happy with it. She gave me all positive feedback, the only negative was that she suggested changing some of the pictures to try and hide any redundant links. I had a go at what Emilia had suggested, however it did not work for me. I tried to figure it out but nothing I did erased the links.

I enjoyed this task of giving and receiving feedback.



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